How do I test my system and have it tested?

We recommend that you do not publish your system until it has been sufficiently tested. However, if you have published your system on the shop, you can simply go to its shop page to create a new table.

Otherwise, on the Let's Role Site, go to 👤 Welcome,(Your Name) > Systems > (Your System) > General > Share Your System.

Copy the given link, paste it in the navigation bar of a browser window, open it, then in the opened page click +Create a new Table.

It also works for your players to create a character: Create new Character.

Share this link with your players

You can also include this private link in an email or text message that you send to your players.

Don't forget to invite them to your table afterwards.

Share this link with testers

You may also want to share this private link with one or more testers who will also create a table using your system.

Generate a new link to invalidate the old one

If you wish to invalidate this private link later, click on the small refresh icon to the right of the link. A new link will be generated and the old one will no longer work.