How to restore an old version of my system?

The latest version of my system does not work! How can I restore an old version (Commit) of my system that was less advanced, but still worked properly?

If you have made regular Commits (Publications) of your system, you can restore an old commit.

On the Let's Role website, go to 👤 Welcome,(Your Name) > Systems > (Your System) > Commits.

Caution: we recommend that you commit your system one last time before moving on to the next steps, as you may lose any uncommitted progress.

Working version

Clicking on the 🔧 key to the right of an old version will load that version of your system into the System Builder; it will overwrite the latest working version in the latter.

The working version is the version you are editing in the System Builder. By changing the working version, you will lose everything that has not been committed, but the users of the system will not see any difference for the time being.

Published version

Clicking on the asterisk * to the right of an older version will make that version available when launching a table using your system; all users will now use that version of the system.