How do I publish/commit my system?

There are two places on Let's Role that mention publishing my system... I get confused! Which one does what exactly?

Indeed, Let's Role offers you to publish your system, once in the System Builder (Publish button which turns into a Commit button) and a second time by following Let's Role Site > 👤 Welcome,(Your Name) > Systems > (Your System) > General > Your system is not published. > Publish this system.

In the System Builder

This button allows you to create and/or update your system on Let's Role! (it will be published, but will not be present in the Let's Role shop). You will then be able to use and/or share your system with whoever you want: see create a table outside System Builder to test my system.

Publish/Commit your system makes the changes you made available to everyone using your system.

On the shop

This option allows you to actually publish your system in the Let's Role shop (see publish my system in the shop). The whole community can then easily find your system in the shop and use it.

You must also have published your system in the System Builder so that it will be available from the shop when you publish it there.