A simple text.


The content of the label. HTML is not allowed. If the label is computed, the value is calculated.


Check this if you want the text of the label to be computed.


Check this box if you want to activate markdown support for your label. Current markdown mark allowed :

  • italic _italicText_
  • bold **boldText**
  • icons like the Icon component :icon: -- Full list here.

If you need more support please ask for an update on discord

Roll on click

You can set a dice formula to roll when clicking on the label here. You do not need to set "clickable" when this has a value.


Allow the label to be clicked. Not required if you added a "Roll on click". This is useful when you want to use click events in scripting.

Droppable in the QuickBar

If checked, the label can be drag'n dropped in the player's quickbar.

QuickBar label

The title of the element if placed in the QuickBar. If left empty, the title will be the content of the label.