On the Table tab, you can find a table named variables. You can add variables on the table, and reference them into computed values, or other variables, or rolls. The id is the name of the variable (without the $), and value is the content of the variable.

Beware that only mathematical results can be used in variable, you cannot store string or object.

To reference a variable, use the prefix $. The variable's name should only contain letters and underscores "_" and we strongly recommand you do not use uppercase letters.

You can set the variable's value to a simple number :


You can also reference other variables and components in the value, for exemple with the following value for bonus :

@dexterity + 3

So, in a label component, you could use the following roll :

3d6 + $bonus

Then, if the value of @dexterity is 5, the roll in this example should be 3d6 + 8.

The variable $bonus can also be used in a manual roll made in the chat box, using for example /roll 4d6 + $bonus.

You can also set a variable to be a string, using double quotes :

"hello there"