Log variables to the console.

//region //endregion

Add //region to the beginning of the section of code you wish to make collapsible, and //endregion to the end. This will add a collapse toggle arrow.

wait(ms, callback)

ms, type: number, Duration in milliseconds to wait. callback, type: Function, The function to call when the timer is done.


value, type: any, The value to convert.

Converts any value to an integer.


text, type: string, The text to translate.

Translate a message to the current locale.

each(data, callback)

data, type: Object Array, The data to iterate over.

callback, type: Function, The function called for each element in the data. Return false if you want to stop the iteration. The first argument is the item, the second the index.

Iterates over an object or array.

Examples :

let animals = {
    "cat": "Meow",
    "dog": "Woof",
    "bird": "Chirp"

each(animals, function(noise, type) {


The Math API is exposed.