Rolling Dice

You can prompt a dice roll in a label component, using the "Roll on Click" property.

The whole dice rolling API can be found here. The only difference is that you can use component references and variables.

Be aware that the computed API is not the same as the dice rolling API. This means you cannot use functions available in computed (like if) in dice rolling, and you cannot use dice like 3d6 in computed values.


See: References.

You can reference other components in a roll, using the @id syntax. For example, if you have a number input with an id dexterity and a value of 8, you could set the roll to 1d20 + @dexterity. When the user click on the label, they would roll 1d20 + 8. References can also be used in the chat window in a game, for example by writing /roll 1d8 + @dexterity. References are automatically updated.


See: Variables.

Variable are like reference, but pointing to a value in a table. You can use the same functions and operations as in references. Variables are used via $id.