A repeater allows you to setup a dynamic list of view. Users can add or remove entries. On a view, a repeater component is like a container that will contain one "readable view" for each entry it contains. The "editable view" is initiated and show only to edit or add a new repeated entry to the repeater.

Editable view

The view used to edit the data. This view is initiated when you start to edit or add an entry to the repeater. The ids of the components used in this view will create data that you can use in the readable view using the # in front of their id. For example, if you have a TextInput with an id "Name", you can refer this value in the readable view using a Label, with the Computed value #Name.

Readable view

The view used by default to display information about the entry. Use references with # to refer to the components' values used in the Editable view.