Sheet layout

Since screens are mainly horizontal, you should design the sheet with landscape layout in mind.

Required components


The avatar is required on character sheets and crafts. You can use any id you'd want, but you need to specify the id used in the view attribute : "Avatar's id".


Color is required on character sheets. The id should be : color.

Display character level, race and class in My Characters manager

It is possible to display the level, race and class of your character on its miniature in the My Characters menu. To do so, use the exact level, race, and/or class ids respectively for the matching components in your sheet.

You can also use the race or class id on a component to display any string of your choice instead, by populating it with a custom string. You could for example use script to concatenate other fields than level, race or class.

Computed values

Some component have the computed attribute, which allow them to have a value based on maths operations and references to other components.

Beware that computed values can be CPU-intensive, so you should not use too many of them.


We strongly recommend you do not activate scripting if you don't know the Javascript langage. If you want to create advanced features, you can use Javascript to enhance your system.