System creation

When creating a new system, two things happen.

First, a blank system is created, which you can edit.

Second, a new table is created with this system. This table is used in the "Run" panel of the system builder, but you can also access it through your tables.

Please note that the current content is used when accessing this table as a builder, but not as a player (the latest commit is used when logging in as a player).

Current state & commits

When you save your work in the system builder, it is saved as the current state. This state is not available to the people you have shared your work with.

If you want your work to be available to everyone, you need to commit.

When commiting, you can submit a message to remember what the commit consist of, and choose to publish this commit. When the commit is published, all users using the system will use this commit.

If you made an error, you can revert your work to an old commit. Please be aware that doing so will erase the current state by the state of the commit.

Sharing systems

You will be given a link allowing you to share your system. Anyone with this link can use your system, and fork it.


Forking allows you to change a system already created to suit your needs.

You can fork a system shared with you. You will start at the last commit published by the creator. Please be aware that pull requests and merging is not possible at the moment.